Have you ever wondered where Re-Sellers of Perfumes and Cleaning Chemicals source their Quality Products from?

CAUTION!!! You have finally discovered their secret source!

CHEMFIELD360 is a leading manufacturer and distributor of long-lasting Body Perfumes, Household, Automotive and Industrial Cleaning Chemicals as well as a wide range of Chemical Products in South Africa and beyond, entirely laboratory approved. Situated in Roodepoort in Gauteng, we are well-placed to meet the requirements and service levels our customers demand. We boast of our long-lasting Sentimentals Perfumes, our Swiftklean brand of cleaning products, a wide range of high quality chemicals and raw perfume oils as per our valued customers’ demand.


CHEMFIELD360 enjoys a very big share in the market dating back to the last decade. The industries we serve include food, bakery, dairy, meat, cosmetic, personal care, detergent, agriculture, water treatment, tannery, automotive, plumbing, fragrance and more. We are major suppliers to cash and carrys, supermarkets, hardware shops, restaurants, butcheries, hotels, car valet, many other endless industries, and the Public is most welcome. Feel welcome to contact us for the highest Quality Products at affordable prices for everyone, re-sellers and end-users.